The first Apple smartphone without Lightning will be the iPhone 16

New details have emerged about the universal charging connector law, which will have to be equipped with smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices in Europe. One of the official representatives of the European Commission confirmed that the new bill will be presented tomorrow, but even after its adoption, Apple will be able to release the iPhone with Lightning for another 2-3 years.

The new law will affect all manufacturers, who will have to harmonize their fast charging standards using compatible software. While Apple will also be forced to replace the Lightning port in its iPhones with standard USB-C.

The European Commission has been pleased with Apple's decision not to put chargers in iPhone boxes since last year. The EU also wants manufacturers to enable their customers to use their old chargers, thereby reducing e-waste.

When will Apple be forced to switch to USB-C on iPhones in Europe? The bill, which will be presented tomorrow, will be put to a vote and should be passed within about a year. Then the EU member states will have another year to start following the new rules.

Devices that hit the market by the end of 2023 must comply with the new regulations. The iPhone 15 is due out in Q3 2023, so chances are it might retain the Lightning connector, but the iPhone 16 should definitely have a USB-C port.

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