The first beta of iOS 15.1 was released and Apple is finalizing deferred functions

Just a day after the release of the final version of the iOS 15 operating system, Apple released the iOS 15.1 Developer Beta. Interestingly, a year earlier, the company did the same: iOS 14.1 began testing the day after the release of iOS 14, while the update contained some deferred features.

The official description of the iOS 15.1 Developer Beta states that the firmware size is 5.59 GB. It contains various fixes and improvements, but the specific list is not specified.

Customers who have already tried the iOS 15.1 Developer Beta confirm that COVID-19 vaccination certificates can now be added to Wallet. The SharePlay feature reappeared for sharing music and watching movies. Initially, this feature was in the beta versions of iOS 15, but it did not make it to the final release.

Apple also said it will fix the camera in a future iOS update.

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