The first photos of the new black box of the iPhone 13 Pro Max without packaging film

Sources have published photos showing thousands of iPhone 13 smartphones in stock and awaiting sales. We have already seen what the packaging of the standard version of the iPhone 13 looks like the smartphone is placed in a white cardboard package that does not have a packaging film. At the bottom is the so-called "security seal", which is a perforated paper strip.

Now we are shown for the first time the packaging of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is black. Otherwise, there are no differences, here, too, a strip with perforation is used. Some users believe that now such packaging will be more actively counterfeited and it is not known which smartphone will be inside.

According to information published on the official Apple website, eliminating the use of film in the packaging boxes of the iPhone 13 and Phone 13 Pro could reduce the amount of plastic used by up to 600 tons.

The source adds that in the future, almost all manufacturers will adopt Apple's approach, because the problem of carbon dioxide emissions is growing in the world, and environmental protection is a top priority.

The iPhone 13 will go on sale next Friday, September 24th.

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