The first Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 exploded

A video appeared on the Web showing the first exploded Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 smartphone equipped with a foldable screen. The owner of the device admits that a week before the incident, he dropped his Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 smartphone and contacted the service center, where he was advised to send the phone by mail to Samsung to have it replaced with a new one. In preparation for shipment, the device exploded and began to smoke.

The owner himself suggests that this could be a consequence of possible damage received during the fall. However, we should wait for the official announcement from Samsung. Before that, no Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 was involved in such stories.

In August, an Alaska Airlines passenger plane made an emergency landing at Tacoma International Airport in Seattle, USA, due to a burning smartphone Samsung Galaxy A21.

Five years ago, Samsung was forced to recall all Galaxy Note7 smartphones from the market due to several dozen incidents of fire.

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