The Fujifilm LTO Ultrium9 cartridge is ready

Although in the consumer segment magnetic removable media have long given way to memory cards, they remain relevant for corporate storage. Moreover, the growing demand for data storage in the face of the rapid development of the IoT and the accelerating digital transformation leads to the fact that magnetic tapes are gaining increasing attention as media that provide long-term secure storage of large volumes at low cost.

This encourages manufacturers to develop cartridge technology. Fujifilm introduced the LTO Ultrium9 cartridge, suitable for backing up and archiving high volume data. The cartridge contains 1035 m of tape 12.65 mm wide and 5.2 μm thick. Up to 8,960 tracks can store up to 45 TB of data (uncompressed 18 TB), 50% more than previous generation LTO cartridges. The new tape provides high-speed data transfers - up to 1000 MB / s (uncompressed - 400 MB / s).

The advantages of cartridges include a significantly lower environmental impact compared to hard drives, since the latter are constantly turned on during storage. Brad Johns Consulting, cited by Fujifilm, estimates that life cycle CO2 emissions are as high as 95%.

Tape is good for cold data or data that you rarely need to access. It is believed that the share of such data in the total volume exceeds 80%.

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