The iPhone 13 line is of much less interest to Android users than the iPhone 12 a year ago

Nearly one in five Android users in the US is thinking about switching to an iPhone 13. This is indicated by a recent survey by a source, in which more than 5,000 people participated. 

More precisely, 18.3% of Android smartphone users think about a possible transition. A year earlier, a similar survey showed that such people were 33.1%, that is, the coming generation is of much less interest to people than the iPhone 12 line at the time. 

However, most of that 18% indicated that they would consider buying an iPhone 13 Pro Max. There were 39.8% of them. 36.1% would look at the iPhone 13, 19.5% might prefer the iPhone 13 Pro, and the iPhone 13 mini had only 4.6%. 

Among the advantages of new Apple smartphones, users noted longer software support (51.4%), the Apple ecosystem (23.8%), privacy (11.4%), and, interestingly, better prices (5.2%).  

As for those who do not consider switching to the iPhone 13, the main reasons were the lack of a fingerprint scanner (31.9%), restrictions on iOS settings (16.7%), restrictions on downloading third-party applications (12.8%), loss of smartphones Apple to competitors from the Android camp by parameters (12.1%) and forced scanning of photos in iCloud (10.4%). 

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