The manufacturer found a defect in some Lian Li Uni SL120 fans

Lian Li reported that some Uni Fan SL120 fans are defective. It does not pose any danger to the user and does not affect the basic function of the fan. The defect manifests itself in the operation of the backlight and is associated with the use of low-quality LEDs.

Blue channel performance degrades over time in these full color LEDs. As a result, the overall brightness decreases, and when white is selected, there is not a bluish tint, but a yellow tint. In the illustrations, a defective fan is shown on the left, a working one on the right.

The defect may appear in Uni Fan SL120 fans produced between December 2020 and March 2021. Fans manufactured after March 2021 use different LEDs that do not have this problem. Owners of faulty fans are offered the opportunity to exchange them for new ones free of charge.

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