The most prominent features and improvements of the Android operating system 12

The new visual design in the version of the Android operating system 12, which is expected to be officially launched at the beginning of next October, has attracted a lot of attention. However, Google has worked to introduce new features and improve the old more comprehensively to improve the operating system experience. It is one of the most widely used smartphones operating systems in the world.

Upcoming Android 12 OS Features

Improved widgets in Android 12: Google added in the Android version 12 new widgets and made significant improvements for some of the others. The most widely used watch widget is the most notable addition, as it comes with four completely new styles to choose from. In addition, the new conversations tool makes it easy to keep track of your favorite chat apps without worrying about finding conversations.

Optimizing searches in Android 12: At the bottom of the home screen, Google has added a new icon for the Google Lens app. It's a shortcut that lets you quickly open the app in order to take a picture of anything you come across or scan QR codes and get results for them directly from Google search. The company has also improved the in-phone search tool by typing the word or name into the search box. And you can get results for everything from apps to chats and emails. And even downloaded files.

Pause access to the camera and microphone: Android 12 comes with a new set of buttons on the quick switch panel. Which allows you to stop all apps from accessing your camera and microphone. These buttons can be used as a temporary way to prevent the camera or microphone from being used by all or specific apps you choose previously.

Control your internet connection from one place: Instead of providing the buttons to connect to the Internet, either via the wireless network or data separately. Google combined these buttons into a single panel in the notification center called the Internet panel. That allows you to control your Internet connection quickly and easily. Clicking on this panel in the notification center will bring up a dialog box at the bottom of the screen. which allows you to quickly switch between wireless networks and mobile data on or off.

Improved privacy in Nearby Sharing: Google has significantly improved the privacy options in the Nearby Sharing feature in Android 12. Such as limiting who can see your phone and the option to hide the phone's appearance. As a result, no one will be able to see your phone until you make it visible. There are also options to confirm the transfer before starting. And the ability to run another application on the phone while sending and receiving files.

New privacy panel in Android 12: With the release of Android 12, Google introduces a new tool called the Privacy Dashboard. Which makes it easy to see all the permissions of the apps you use throughout the day. The system currently provides a detailed history of 24 hours by default. However, some Samsung phones display this log to include app access permission data details for an entire week. This can give you a more detailed look at what the apps on your phone do.

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