The Real Folding Window panel will relieve folding smartphones from baby sores

LG Chem has announced the development of a new material to protect foldable displays. This material is as hard as glass, but flexible, like plastic. At the same time, folds do not form in the place of the fold - the main disadvantage of modern folding smartphones.

The panel's official name is Real Folding Window. Specially developed coating materials are applied to a transparent film or thermoplastic polymer resin. By using just a few micrometers of new material on both sides, a thin, heat-resistant plastic-like panel can be created that will provide better durability and strength.

LG Chem claims that such a panel can withstand 200,000 folds and will create wrinkle-free displays. In addition, the new material will allow the screens to be folded both inward and outward.

According to Chang Do Ki, Vice President and Head of Advanced Materials, Real Folding Window is an important step towards solving the problems users are facing today. It's about the folds and durability of the screens. The new technology will debut on mobile phones and will later appear on laptops and tablets.

Despite the fact that LG has stopped the production of smartphones, its divisions continue to work in related areas.

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