The shortage in the chip market is only getting worse

The shortage in the chip market is only getting worse, with the industry hitting a record 21-week lead time in August, according to the Susquehanna Financial Group. This confirms that it is too early to talk about the stabilization of the situation.

The shortage of semiconductor products has affected a variety of industries that use microcircuits in their products. Manufacturers of cars, household appliances, smartphones, and other electronics were particularly affected. Some automakers are forced to shut down their factories. The entire auto industry is projected to lose about $ 110 billion due to deficits. Smartphone manufacturers also confirm that the stock of microcircuits is running out, and it will take a long time to wait for new ones.

In July, it was said that the time between placing an order for semiconductor products and receiving finished goods had increased to a record 18 weeks. Now a new record has been set for the entire time of tracking such statistics.

The source adds that the release dates for analog and Broadcom ICs have also increased, but there has been a positive trend lately with regard to power management ICs and some optoelectronic components.

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