There were tests of the two-chip Radeon Pro W6800X Duo

The monstrous Radeon Pro W6800X Duo graphics card was unveiled exclusively for the Mac Pro in August. We can now take a look at her tests. To begin with, let us recall that the adapter is actually two Radeon Pro W6800X on one board. The 3D card has 7680 stream processors and 64 GB of memory, although in such cases it would be more correct to speak of a bundle of two 32 GB blocks since the memory cannot be summed up.

Of course, the tests confirm the huge performance of such a solution. In Octane X, the video card is just about twice as fast as a single Radeon Pro W6800X, and the top-end single-chip Radeon Pro W6900X is more than half behind. Also for comparison, you can cite the results of Nvidia RTX A6000 (16 seconds) and GeForce RTX 3090 (15.2 seconds). True, such a comparison is very conditional, since Nvidia adapters are in any case not available to Mac Pro owners.

In DaVinci tests, the new product also noticeably outperforms any single-chip card, although in a couple of tests it either equals or even yields to the two-chip Radeon Pro Vega Duo.

There is no comparison in games, but the Mac Pro as a whole is not a gaming PC at all, and there are not many games on macOS. In any case, the performance will be very high. So is the price. In the United States, the adapter is priced at $ 5,000, and in Russia, they ask for 500,000 rubles. 

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