Thousands of people in the US lined up for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

Queues on the streets for new iPhones are a thing of the past for various reasons. Now the queues for video cards, processors, and consoles are relevant. A large retailer BestBuy recently announced that it had acquired another batch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X game consoles. As a result, impressive queues formed to some of the more than 300 stores indicated in the announcement. In at least one city, the queue consisted of about 250 people.

Not only did people start queuing up a day before the start of sales, but in some cases, they continued to stand outside the store in the pouring rain. The store promised to sell only one set-top box per hand, which increased the chances of ordinary people to get the console. Considering that this was the first such sale of set-top boxes in the BestBuy network since the devices entered the market a year ago, it is not surprising that the excitement was significant.

For the year, the total consoles of Microsoft and Sony were sold in the amount of more than 16 million units, and there is still a huge deficit on the market. Unless the younger Series S in many markets can be bought without problems and expectations. 

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