TrendForce Analysts Predict DRAM Price Decrease In The Next Quarter

DRAM production has peaked in the current quarter, and supply will start to outstrip demand in the fourth quarter, leading to lower prices. This forecast is given by experts of the analytical company TrendForce.

The decrease in prices will be facilitated by the situation with warehouse stocks. DRAM vendors are now keeping them on track, but most DRAM customers have surplus stocks amid fears of shortages and rising prices. This means that such customers will be reluctant to make new purchases.

PC DRAM prices are forecast to decline by 5-10% as demand for laptops weakens. Server memory will fall in price by 0-5%, while prices for mobile memory will remain at the level of the third quarter. The graphics segment is expected to decline by 0-5%, while the consumer electronics segment is expected to decline by 5-10%. As a result, the average decline in prices compared to the current quarter will amount to 3–8%.

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