TSMC raised prices for Apple by only 3%, and for AMD, Nvidia and MediaTek by 10-20%

New information has emerged regarding the price hike for chip production recently announced by TSMC. Earlier it was reported that prices for different customers rose by 15-20%, while the chipmaker raised the price by only 3% for its main client, Apple. This was confirmed by popular analyst Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi notes that Apple accounts for more than 20% of TSMC's revenues, but profit margins are less than 20%, and gross margins continue to fall below average. In contrast, other high-profile customers like AMD, Nvidia, and MediaTek didn't get the same value proposition. Some companies have higher than average gross order margins, but the prices have risen much more.

The source clarifies that Apple can influence TSMC because it has long been the main customer of the Taiwanese manufacturer. As soon as Apple ceases to be TSMC's main customer, the company will end its preferential policy.

It is also reported that prices for other large customers of TSMC have increased by 10-20%, while with small customers the issue has not been fully resolved. By next year, every manufacturer will know the exact price increase.

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