Users attacked Xiaomi after claiming the superiority of MIUI

Day before Yesterday, on the official page of Xiaomi India on the social network Twitter, a message was published with the following content: "MIUI is better than other interfaces." At the same time, the manufacturer tried to justify its position by listing some of the key features that elevate MIUI over other shells.

Specifically, it says that MIUI has implemented better processor control for seamless multitasking, full screen gesture support for quick responses, and that MIUI is smoother and faster than ever.

As a result, Xiaomi received a very different reaction from what it probably hoped for. Some called this post from Xiaomi a bad joke, others started listing the problems they were or are currently experiencing while using MIUI. Here are just some quotes:

"This is a joke, right?"

"If this message had been published on April 1, then I would have simply kept silent."

"This is not so - my Redmi Note 9 Pro Ma x under warranty with a bunch of bugs cannot be repaired by the service center"

“Good joke, Xiaomi. I have three smartphones at home with MIUI - this is the worst user interface I've ever seen "

“You must be kidding! My Redmi Note 5 Pro can no longer switch between the two applications "

"Mi 11X has permanent reboots after updating to MIUI"

To improve the MIUI branded shell for its users, Xiaomi has announced a special page that displays error messages and their status

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