Users comment skeptically on the new teaser for Apple's fall presentation

Apple's senior vice president of global marketing, Greg Joswiak, posted a video teaser of the upcoming fall presentation on his Twitter page.

In the video, we are shown the top floor of the Apple Park headquarters, in the corridor of which there is the Apple logo, which is also a kind of portal to a completely different place.

Apple yesterday sent out invitations to its fall press conference , confirming that the Cupertino-based company's new products will be unveiled on September 14 this year. Right after that , Apple shares set a new record.

Comments under a post by Greg Joswiak suggest that the teaser hints at a new astrophotography mode that has long been attributed to iPhone 13 smartphones. Many users are skeptical:

"If you don't show new MacBooks , just close your company."

“No real innovation. You slow down progress for small updates to make money. Steve Jobs would be disappointed "

“Unfortunately, your smartphones look the same: there is a 1% difference between the iphone 11 Pro Max and the 13 Pro Max. This is a failure "

“The presentation will darken my birthday. Can I move it? "

"My iPhone X turns itself off and restarts, and it's only a year and a half."

"The green tint on my iPhone 12 still hasn't disappeared."

"We protect the privacy of our users, but only a little, and we don't care about the privacy of our employees."

Of course, there are many loyal fans in the comments who are eagerly awaiting the announcement.

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