Vivo patents a smartphone with a removable module

In February of this year, Vivo applied to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for a patent for a smartphone with a removable camera module. The 20-page documentation titled "Electronic Device" was published in the WIPO database on September 2, which made it clear how the device works.

As you can see, the module is two-sided: on the one hand there is a dual camera with flash, on the other - a touchscreen display. The module is installed in the center of the upper part of the smartphone, communication and power supply is carried out through two rows of contacts. The screen part of the module in terms of characteristics (resolution, frame rate, etc.) corresponds to the screen part of the smartphone. If you install the module with the screen part forward, you get the feeling of a solid screen.

The second way to use the module is with the camera forward, which is convenient for self-portraits. Finally, the third use case is as a removable camera. That is, the module can work autonomously, and the settings and shooting modes are carried out using the touch screen on the back of the module.

Apparently, Vivo is considering such a solution as an alternative to the sub-screen camera, but whether it will go into series is a big question.

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