Vivo unveils its first V1 image processor

Vivo unveils its own V1 image processor, which has been developed by a team of more than 300 people over the past two years.

The V1 is a fully adaptable integrated processor designed for image and video processing. This is a critical step in chip design for Vivo. V1 will help the company even better meet the needs of our users by optimizing the performance of applications responsible for capturing images and videos.Hu Baishan, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Vivo

The company said it has invested heavily in image processing technology over the past five years, resulting in a 5-axis professional stabilization system and soft selfie light.

In December 2020, Vivo and Zeiss announced a long-term strategic partnership. The Vivo X60 lineup featured technologies such as Zeiss T * Coating as well as Biotar's portrait style. The companies continue joint research and development.

The Vivo V1 processor is set to debut in the Vivo X70 lineup, which will be unveiled on September 9th .

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