Vivo V1 image processor photographed next to SoC Snapdragon 888

A couple of days ago, Vivo officially announced its own V1 image processor , and now its live photos have been published. And in order to better estimate the size of the ISP, Snapdragon 888 was placed next to the V1.

On the one hand, V1 is quite small in comparison with the top single-chip system, on the other hand, the SoC is a highly integrated solution, which includes a baseband processor, a CPU, a GPU, an AI acceleration unit, and, of course, its own image processor. Apparently, by taking a photo of the V1 next to the Snapdragon 888, the developers wanted to show that the V1 is quite large for the ISP. And you can also see in this a hint that Vivo's own development will be better and more powerful than the Qualcomm Spectra 580 integrated into the Snapdragon 888.

The V1 will definitely help improve the way Vivo smartphones take photos and videos, but the company will have other technologies to do just that. For example, modified image sensors with an alternative pixel layout (like Huawei) and a five-axis stabilization system.

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