What the iPhone 13 Pro is capable of in macro mode: pros and cons

Editor 9to5mac tested the macro mode of the iPhone 13 Pro and tried to draw his own conclusions about how well Apple turned out this mode.

Macro photography works differently on iPhone 13 than on other smartphones: you simply bring the camera closer to the subject until it switches to the appropriate mode. At first glance, this seems quite convenient, but in reality, it is not.

The reviewer admits that Apple wanted to make the mode as convenient as possible, but in fact, the camera exits macro mode as quickly as it enters it. When this happens, she switches cameras, which, as early observers said, was very annoying. You start to carefully zoom in on the camera, and then suddenly you see a defocused image of something in the background. Apple said it will fix this with a software update.

9to5mac notes that Apple has not added a true macro lens to the iPhone. But the company made the existing camera focus very close so that macro photos could be taken. If you look at the pictures on a large monitor, the flaws become obvious.

The macro capabilities of the iPhone do not provide the precision or quality required for such images. Nevertheless, such pictures are quite suitable for viewing on the screen of a smartphone and tablet, as well as for social networks.

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