What reviewers say about the iPad mini 6?

The first reviews of Apple's new tablet appeared on the web, which was presented last week under the name iPad mini. For convenience, some call it iPad mini 6, indicating the generation of the tablet in the name.

Some reviewers agree that Apple has a near-perfect product with an updated design, a powerful Apple A15 Bionic platform, a fingerprint sensor under the power button, and other improvements.

The following are quotes from specialized publications:

It's almost the perfect portable iPad. iPad mini is just about the best gaming tablet, best student laptop, and best e-book. - Mydrivers

Having extensively tested the iPad Air and the new iPad mini, I can say this with confidence: while the iPad Air is more portable and convenient than the 12.9 "iPad Pro, it's still not as portable and comfortable as the new iPad mini. more convenient for those things in which the tablet should dominate - reading, watching videos, surfing the Internet, and playing games. - MacStories

The 12-megapixel front [camera] supports Face ID and True Depth Sensor, as well as CenterStage, which makes iPad Mini ideal for video calling and content capture. During a FaceTime or video call, your face will stay in the frame and enlarge slightly. If you move in the frame, the camera will keep you centered. - CNN

But most importantly, the mini's screen is too small to do a lot of work, which is a boon. I usually set up Airtable, Gizmodo's workflow management tool, on the iPad, which I check so that some tasks can be checked if needed. This time, I didn't even bother to worry about it. As a last resort, can I edit the text on this iPad? Of course, I did it on the iPhone too. It's comfortable? No, it’s not like that. Did I write the main body of this review in the mini? No, that sounds awful. And I really liked the mini for that.- Gizmodo

The volume buttons take some getting used to. They are on the top if you are holding the tablet in portrait mode, and not on the side like on other iPads. It's the same with Face ID. Although now only available on the iPad Pro, it's so convenient that I'd love to see it on the iPad Mini. Instead, Apple has built a fingerprint reader into the power button on the side of the iPad. - CNBC

The biggest innovation here is the top-mounted Touch ID that debuted on the iPad Air. For the most part, the function is quick and easy, although there may be some awkward moments when you touch the power button to unlock the device, accidentally press the power button a second time, and turn off the screen. - TechCrunch

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