Xbox Series S console update due in 2022 credited with 6nm AMD APU with 24 compute units

With reference to the resource MLID and the caveat that while these are rumors, the source has published new information about the upcoming update for Microsoft Series S and X game consoles. Microsoft is said to be planning to update both consoles at the end of next year. The first will be the Xbox Series S, which will receive a 6nm APU. Since the transition to the TSMC 6N process technology hopes to increase the percentage of product yield, it is expected that all 24 computing units will be included in the APU. In the current version, 20 units are active so that the production line can produce enough usable APUs. An increase in the number of compute units and a possible increase in clock frequencies will provide a performance gain of up to 50%.

The manufacturer is expected to seize the opportunity to raise the price by $ 50, to about $ 350, while lowering the price of the 2020 model to $ 189-249. It follows that Microsoft will sell both models at the same time.

The Series X console update will be released in 2023 or later, but there are no details on that yet.

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