Xiaomi Civi was shown live after the announcement

Xiaomi Civi became the first smartphone of the new series of the Chinese manufacturer. The smartphone does not stand out in terms of characteristics, but it received a very thin and light body, the smallest lower screen frame, and an attractive rear panel design.

After the announcement, the first live photos of smartphones appeared, which were sent to bloggers for reviews. Xiaomi Civi has a special finish on the back, which is best seen on the black variant. The source compares the effect to the Oppo Reno Glow series. There seem to be millions of tiny crystals under the lid.

Xiaomi said that it uses a new second-generation COP packaging technology, similar to that used in the iPhone, when assembling the smartphone. The smartphone has tiny bezels on all sides of the display and in this regard is not inferior even to the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

This is the first non-flagship Xiaomi phone that did not receive a charger (inside the package there was only room for a phone and a transparent case). However, Xiaomi is giving customers a power adapter.

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