Xiaomi introduced an air purifier in a new design with advanced functions

Xiaomi has officially unveiled the new design Mijia Circulating Air Purifier, which is priced at around $ 300. In addition to the cleaning function, it can work as a portable fan and also promote indoor air circulation. The device can push purified air up to 8 meters using air circulation technology. The fan can be raised 90 degrees and rotated at different angles, providing fresh air to different parts of the room. Its air purification efficiency from formaldehyde is reportedly increased by 29% over previous versions.

In order not to disturb the user's sleep, air purifiers reduce the noise level, but their effectiveness decreases. In sleep mode, the air purifier Mijia Circulating Air Purifier can not only maintain the low noise level of 35.7 dB but also maintain a clean air outlet at 101.3 m 3 / h with a strong cleansing effect at night.

The device is equipped with several types of precision sensors. Even in standby mode, it can monitor indoor pollutants, temperature, and humidity changes. The device also uses intelligent algorithms to automatically turn on cleaning according to the indoor air quality. A new Xiaomi electronic thermometer and hygrometer was also presented, which works for up to 2 years without changing the battery.

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