Xiaomi introduced its smart watch

Xiaomi has officially unveiled its first smartwatch today. Interestingly, this happened just a couple of days after Facebook, in collaboration with Ray-Ban, introduced the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. True, if the Facebook device is a serial product, then the Xiaomi smartwatch is still only a concept, but with a clear commercial perspective.

The novelty looks like ordinary glasses, and the weight is small - only 51 grams. The device has a place for a quad-core processor, battery, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters, a pair of cameras, as well as 497 different sensors and various modules. At the heart of the screen is a miniature MicroLED panel with a diagonal of only 0.13 inches. Xiaomi believes that such a device could eventually replace a smartphone.

The company tried to make smartwatches a little more intelligent than modern devices. So, being paired with a smartphone, they will not display all notifications received on the phone, but only the most important ones. The information on the screen will be displayed automatically depending on the situation, but even here the priority is given only to the most necessary data at the moment. The watch supports navigation, can make and receive calls by itself (there are built-in microphones and a loudspeaker), and has a memory for storing pictures from the built-in camera. One of the important features is real-time voice-activated translation.  

The company does not say when a serial product will appear on the basis of this concept, but it is unlikely that it will have to wait long.

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