Xiaomi OLED TVs become bestsellers, set an all-time record

Xiaomi TV officially announced on last Thursday that sales of Xiaomi's new OLED TVs in China exceeded 10,000 units in 15 days, from August 16 to 31. This is a new industry record.

In this regard, Lu Weibing, President of Xiaomi China Office and General Manager of Redmi Brand, said: “Partners reported that our new Xiaomi TVs have occupied about 50% of China's OLED TV market. But it also shows that the current penetration rate of OLED TVs is too low. Therefore, our goal is to continue to popularize OLED TVs. ”

Xiaomi's latest financial report revealed that Xiaomi TVs ranked # 1 in China for 10 consecutive quarters.

On August 10, the company unveiled the first OLED TVs for youth , with the 55-inch Mi TV 6 OLED 55 being offered for just $ 770. In addition, the manufacturer announced the top-end second generation Mi TV Master Series OLED TV with a screen diagonal of 77 inches for $ 2,620.

As it turned out, both lines are in great demand. Lu Weibing added that Xiaomi TVs could completely transform the OLED TV market.

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