512GB memory card for Xbox Series X | S and 1TB external SSD already advertised in stores

Sources confirm that US retail stores have already begun advertising memory cards for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S game consoles. The packaging indicates the capacity and information that the accessory will soon be on sale. Retailers have previously suggested that the device will cost around $ 150. Microsoft is expected to officially announce the new product soon.

According to Windows Central, Seagate will begin selling the 512GB memory card as early as next week. In addition, an image of a new 1TB external solid-state drive for Xbox consoles has been released. In the past, Seagate has released Game Drive external SSDs for the Xbox One and Xbox One X in capacities ranging from 512GB to 2TB. The 512GB version is currently on sale on Amazon for about $ 100.

If you install Xbox Series X | S-optimized games to an external hard drive or another external solid-state drive, you won't be able to run them from that media. However, transferring them from a USB stick to an internal SSD will be much faster than rebooting.

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