Amazfit introduces new GTR 3 & GTS 3

In addition to smartphones, smartwatches were, are, and will remain the device that most users use every day. While the first new top models among Chinese smartwatches have already appeared this year with the Huawei Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro, we are excitedly waiting for a new series of Amazfit smartwatches. The wait is now over and the new Amazfit GTR 3, GTR 3 Pro, and GTS 3 are finally on the market! Has Amazfit made the “next step” or are the innovations limited? We have the most important information for you.

With every new hardware release, users are primarily concerned with the question of whether the new series is really “better” than its predecessor. With the advertising slogan “ SMART HEALTH MADE EASY ” in particular, Amazfit makes it very clear what the GT 3 series is all about: easy-to-use smartwatches that should have their strengths in health tracking. But let's start with the model selection. As usual, there will be around clock (“R” - round) with the Amazfit GTR 3 and a square version (“S” - square) of the 3 series with the Amazfit GTS 3. In addition, the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro also became a premium model the round variant presented. It is already clear that only the Pro version will have the full range of functions of the GT 3 series. However, there will be no “mini” version or a pro version of the angular version for the GT 3 series.

The design of all model variants is again very slim and elegant, typical of Amazfit. The versions weigh 24.4 grams (GTS 3) and 32 grams (GTR 3 & 3 Pro). An AMOLED Ultra HD display (GTS 3 & GTR 3 Pro) or an AMOLED HD (GTR 3) is used as the display. This is 1.45 inches (GTR 3 Pro), 1.39 inches (GTR 3), or 1.75 inches (GTS 3). So here we already have the first clear differences between the individual models.

The rotating navigation crown will be a real innovation for all model variants. This will allow you to scroll through the menu with one turn and, according to Amazfit, you should “feel every turn”. I already have the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro on my arm as a test device and can already reveal it here: look forward to this feature! The navigation in vertical menus has been significantly improved with the crown. Otherwise, the smartwatch will of course continue to be operated via the touchscreen.

Since the new GT 3 series attaches great importance to comprehensive health monitoring, the optical heart rate sensor on the back of the watches has been specifically improved. A sensor with six instead of four photodiodes is now used here. This is intended to enable an even more precise and also faster measurement of the heart rate and/or the blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). Amazfit has also created an interesting new function with the so-called “ one-tap measurement ”, with which the four most important health values ​​can be determined in just a 45-second scan. 

In addition to the heart rate, the SpO2 measurement can now also be “permanently activated”. The blood oxygen saturation is always measured automatically when you are idle for a little longer. The basic functions such as step counter, sleep tracking, tracking of the menstrual cycle, stress tracking, PAI, and the Alexa integration already available in the 2 series as well as the offline voice assistant are of course also on board again. When it comes to sports tracking, the new GT 3 series now uses five different satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, GALILEO, and QZSS (quasi-zenith satellite system). So we can be very curious whether the problems with GPS accuracy from the first and second GT series will finally be a thing of the past.

The Zepp app is of course used again on the smartphone, and it has developed quite positively over the years. An app store can now also be found there. According to Amazfit, it will be possible in the future to develop “ third-party apps ” for the new Zepp OS and then bring them to smartwatches via the app store. A so-called “App Developer Kit” will be released for this purpose. In addition, Home Connect and GoPro are among others be available with their own apps on the Amazfit Smartwatches. The App Store is currently empty and the “App Developer Kit” is not yet available, but these new options alone leave some interesting options open for future updates.

Amazfit has also made some improvements to the training record. Over 150 sports will be available here in the future. Furthermore, there is of course again a smart training recognition. The Virtual Pacer was specially developed for runners, with which you can virtually deliver a race. In addition, an overview has been developed with the PeakBeats performance data in order to make one's own successes tangible. The functional difference between the normal versions and the Pro version is primarily due to two features. With the existing loudspeaker and a 2.3 GB offline music memory, you can also listen to music offline with the Pro version. Of course, Bluetooth headphones, etc. can also be connected to the watch. In addition, with the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro, with an active connection with the smartphone, you can also make calls directly with the smartwatch. When battery GTR 3 GTR and have 3 Pro a 450 mAh and the GTS 3 a 250 mAh installed battery. According to Amazfit, 12 days (GTR 3 Pro & GTS 3) or even 21 days (GTR 3) battery life can be achieved with “normal use”.

The GTR 3 and GTS 3 start from 150 € and the GTR 3 Pro will be available from 200 €. The order is now possible in the official Amazfit Germany store, delivery will start on October 25th.

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