AMD is already happy with the rate of spread of FSR technology

AMD is pleased with the pace of FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) technology adoption. Recall that this is an analog of Nvidia DLSS, which, as shown by tests, works about as well. 

AMD CTO Nick Thibieroz spoke about the success in an interview. 

FSR 1.0 is the result of extensive AMD research, in which several groups examined different solutions using different underlying upscaling technologies. With these goals in mind, we decided to release FSR 1.0 because, as we know, it will appeal to a large number of developers and gamers who want to be able to enjoy high-quality games at higher frame rates on multiple platforms without any restrictions in the form of proprietary hardware. 

While I understand that the choice of a spatial upscaler surprised many, I think the results speak for themselves in terms of developer perception and acceptance. In fact, it was impressive to see professionals and enthusiasts using FSR! 

Tibierose also commented on the fact that FSR does not rely on machine learning, as Nvidia DLSS does. 

Of course, if done right, machine learning can be a very powerful tool, but it's not the only way to solve problems. There are also trade-offs to be made to leverage machine learning. Using machine learning in a real-time context can mean we lose portability, performance and, if done wrong, even some quality. 

If we are objective about machine learning and upscaling algorithms, I think the first iteration of Nvidia DLSS is a good illustration of what I'm talking about. The mere presence of machine learning in a solution does not mean that you will get great results. This approach is clearly promising, and AMD is actively investing in research and development in a number of areas, but just because the algorithm uses machine learning does not mean that it is the best solution for a number of goals. 

At the moment, AMD FSR technology is understandably much less common than Nvidia DLSS. However, the list of games with FSR support is gradually expanding. Now, for example, there are fresh Far Cry 6 and Deathloop there. 

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