AMD will not release competitors for new Intel processors this year

So, now it can be officially stated that we will not see new Ryzen processors this year.  AMD representatives said that a new generation of desktop CPUs with the same 3D V-Cache technology will be released early next year. These will still be AM4 Zen 3 processors. That is, we are waiting for the improved CPUs of the current generation. 

At the same time, processors with Zen 4 architecture in the AM5 version will also be released next year, apparently at the very end. These will be the company's all-new CPUs that will bring PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 support.  

Also, at the beginning of next year, we are waiting for updated mobile processors, which, first of all, should bring serious improvements in energy efficiency. At the same time, we still do not know what the new generations will be called.  

Recall that the top-end Intel Alder Lake processors will be released this year, but the main part of the line will also appear only in early 2022.  

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