An unexpected result of the launch of the iPhone 13 in Russia

The team of Avito, a popular free Russian service for posting ads, shared interesting statistics - how the demand for previous generations of Apple smartphones has changed since the start of sales of the iPhone 13 line. 

Recall that in Russia and in many other countries of the world on September 24, new items from Apple went on sale - the iPhone 13 smartphones. 

The demand for iPhone 11 at Avito in Russia has grown by 15% after the start of iPhone 13 sales, while it is possible to buy it on the site for an average of 42,000 rubles. iPhone 11 Pro has become more popular by 26%, its average cost is 55,000 rubles. They became interested in the iPhone 11 Pro Max 32% more often, buying a smartphone will cost an average of 62,000 rubles.

Smartphones from the 2020 lineup have become more in demand than the 2019 models. iPhone 12 at the end of September were looking for 36% more after the start of sales of new models, the average cost of a smartphone is 61,500 rubles. The demand for the iPhone 12 Pro has grown by 32%; it can be purchased for an average of 81,000 rubles. The popularity of the iPhone 12 Pro Max has increased by 46%, and its average price is 88,800 rubles. The iPhone 12 mini was searched for 19% more often; on average, you can buy a model for 54,000 rubles.

The head of the category "Household appliances and electronics" at "Avito" Pavel Komarov said:

After the start of sales of the iPhone 13, we are seeing an increase in demand for the two previous lines of smartphones from Apple. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 are still current models, so many have decided to update their devices and switch to the "apple" novelties. In addition, now, after the release of the latest model, on Avito you can buy both a used one and a new device of previous lines at a more favorable price.

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