Android 12: Samsung is canceling this feature

Samsung phones get many new features with Android 12. With the update, Samsung is also removing a function. You will have to do without this after the update.

Google has Android 12 published recently. The first Galaxy phones from Samsung should receive the update by December. Numerous new functions await you then.

But with Android 12, the South Korean company is also canceling a feature - "Places". As the manufacturer writes in the Samsung Members App, the function has already been removed from all Samsung phones that came onto the market after January 1, 2021.

After the update to the new Android version, the feature is no longer available on older Samsung phones. Only mobile phones that are not updated to Android 12 still have access to the function.

What is the "Places" function?

Places is a tab in the phone app that can show you restaurants, grocery stores, normal shops or bars, and clubs in your area. There you will receive reviews, the address, and opening times for the respective company.

If you miss the function, you can alternatively use Google Maps for this. You can also have restaurants, bars, and much more in your area displayed here. With a tip on a shop you will get all the important information about opening times and the like.

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