Announced date for three Tokina lenses with Sony E mount

In early July of this year, Tokina published an updated lens release schedule for 2021-2022. It was slated to launch the 23mm F1.4 E, 33mm F1.4 E, and 56mm F1.4 E models in the fall for Sony E mount cameras. These APS-C lenses were previously available in Fujifilm X mount versions. the Tokina atx-m 23mm F1.4 X and atx-m 33mm F1.4 X were released last November, and the Tokina atx-m 56mm F1.4 X came out in July this year.

The Tokina atx-m 23mm F1.4 E, 33mm F1.4 E and 56mm F1.4 E lenses with a Sony E mount will be unveiled on November 12, according to a source who has repeatedly published subsequently confirmed information about upcoming camera innovations.

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