Antennas iPhone 13 Pro from plastic bottles poorly picking up the signal

The iPhone 13 Pro features the new Apple A15 SoC, smaller bangs, and more available memory. However, some users continue to report that after switching to the iPhone 13, calls were not as good as the iPhone 12 series.

Here are some user reviews:

Signal strength on iPhone 12 from the same carrier in the same location is better than on iPhone 13 Pro.

The iPhone 13 has a weaker signal than the iPhone 12.

In the same place, the iPhone 12 catches the 5G network, while the iPhone 13 only shows 4G and does not find 5G for a long time.

It's worth mentioning that information on Apple's official website shows that the iPhone 13 is committed to minimizing its environmental impact, for example by using recycled plastic bottles to make antennas. Perhaps user complaints have something to do with these plastic antennas.

As we previously reported, an engineer named Ken Pillonel unveiled the world's first iPhone with a USB-C connector, created by him. Also, due to the wave of the epidemic in Vietnam, smartphones of the iPhone 13 line may experience disruptions in delivery, and buyers will have to wait longer than expected.

Apple has released the final version of iOS 15.0.2, which continues to fix various bugs reported by iOS 15 users.

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