Apple A15 Bionic crushes Google Tensor in machine learning tests

Advertising SoC Tensor in new Pixel smartphones, Google focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning. As the first tests show, here Tensor is far behind the Apple A15 Bionic SoC. The platforms were compared in the Geekbench ML test, which separately evaluates the capabilities of the CPU, GPU, and neural unit. The results are as follows: 

  • CPU - 303 points for Tensor and 939 points for A15 Bionic
  • GPU - 1428 points for Tensor and 2268 points for A15 Bionic
  • NPU - 1720 points for Tensor and 2727 points for A15 Bionic

The overall score is 3455 points for Tensor and 5934 points for A15 Bionic

Thus, in all subtests, Apple's solution is faster and very significant. Of course, this is just one benchmark, but Tensor's results can still disappoint potential buyers of the new Pixel. 

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