Apple announced the date of the October presentation of new products

Rumors that Apple will repeat last year and will present new items every month in the fall are confirmed. In September, the company completely declassified the new iPad and iPhone 13, and now the date for the October event has been officially announced: it will take place on October 18 at 20:00 Moscow time.

Traditionally, the official teaser discloses only the date and time but does not give any specifics as to what exactly the apple company will reveal to the world. But lately, there have been so many rumors about the new MacBook Pro that we can predict their debut with a high degree of probability. We are waiting for 14- and 16-inch models based on the new Apple M1X SoC - it will be more powerful than last year's M1. Perhaps laptops will use Mini LED screens - this may be hinted at by the dot animation of the teaser.

It is possible that AirPods 3 will also debut with the new MacBook Pro (they have also been waiting for a very long time) and the updated Mac Mini based on the M1X.

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