Apple cuts production of smartphones due to lack of components

According to the authoritative resource Bloomberg, Apple has problems with a shortage of components for the iPhone 13. Because of this, the company is adjusting the release plan for smartphones for the current year: instead of 90 million, 80 million devices will be produced. Given the frenzied demand for new items, in some regions, there may be a shortage of iPhone 13.

The most in short supply are components from Broadcom and Texas Instruments. The former supplies Apple with various components for the wireless modules, the latter ships to Apple the Broadcom AFEM-8215 interface module, the Broadcom BCM59365 wireless charging receiver, display power management ICs, and so on. However, Apple also faced a shortage of components supplied by other companies.

Various sources say that the shortage of components will remain in the market next year, so it is likely that the iPhone 13 production plan for next year will also be adjusted downward.

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