Apple Denies Talking to Expert About iOS Vulnerability

Twitter user RobertCFO claimed to have discovered a remote code execution exploit in iOS 15 that could allow an attacker to erase data from an iPhone or iPad running all versions of iOS up to iOS 15.

This vulnerability, according to RobertCFO, allows a high-level Bluetooth LE vulnerability to be used to remotely wipe iPhone and iPad without any access to the devices. "You can just put your laptop in your backpack and cycle around town, erasing data from your iPhone," he said. He said he would provide confirmation of the information later.

He also shared a screenshot of the correspondence with an Apple employee, which states that iOS 15.1 and iPad OS 15.1 will be released on October 25, as we reported this week.

Apple later released a statement noting that the company had no information about any interactions between the alleged researcher and Apple employees. The company also notes that Apple has not specified specific dates for upcoming software releases. This suggests that the correspondence was forged.

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