Apple helped Samsung make more money again

The source, citing analysts at UBI Research, says Samsung Display increased its OLED panel shipments in the third quarter by 24.6% to 124.76 million units, all thanks to Apple with its successful iPhone 13 line. 

Half of the above-mentioned amount fell on the panels for smartphones of the middle and lower price segments. Another 46.6% fell on the panel for Apple and Samsung itself. The company shipped 3.93 million flexible panels for corresponding smartphones, all of which were used in the flagships of the Korean giant.  

As for Apple itself, Samsung delivered 39.31 million panels to it, and this is twice as much as a year earlier. As we know, the iPhone 13 lineup has proven to be very popular, so the results are logical. 

Samsung has shipped 11.13 million panels to Chinese companies including Oppo and Vivo. 

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