Apple is preparing a hybrid of PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch

The source says that Apple is going to release a handheld console that will compete with the Nintendo Switch and the yet-to-be-released Steam Deck. Few know that Apple released a console called the Apple Bandai Pippin, which launched in 1996 and was discontinued a year later. The company's goal was to create a low-cost computer system designed primarily for playing multimedia software on CDs, in particular games.

Bandai produced about 100,000 units but only sold about 40,000 consoles. In May 2006, Apple's Bandai Pippin was ranked 22nd in PC World's 25 worst technology products of all time. Now Apple is ready for another try.

Apple's console will be a hybrid device that combines the portability of a Switch with the performance of a PlayStation 5. In this regard, the Steam Deck is a huge fan of the game's launch of AAA games. Rumor has it that Apple's console will work with the company's upcoming augmented and virtual reality headset.

It is also reported that Apple has launched the development of several games and connected large studios. The company already has analogues for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey.

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