Apple is shy about the bangs in the new MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pros unveiled yesterday turned out to be exactly as rumors of recent days have described them. We also saw a cutout on the screen. And, as one of the rumors claimed, this cutout is indeed avoided by Apple on the official website. 

If you open the page with the new MacBook Pro, then the bangs are clearly visible only in a few advertising images. All other pictures show us a black area at the top of the screen as if there is a thick border there.  

It turns out a somewhat absurd situation in two senses at once. Firstly, Apple made a bang, but from the first day, it tries to hide it. Secondly, Apple has made bangs to reduce the bezels, but in almost all advertising images, the top area is completely black, it is not used in any way. That is, it only serves to visually make the top bezel thicker and hide the cutout ... in a laptop that has been specially cut out to make the bezel smaller.  

It is not yet clear whether macOS will have some appropriate option to hide the cutout, or whether Apple has depicted this specifically for the official website.  

This is not the first time Apple has done this. At one time, she was even sued for hiding a cutout in advertising images of the iPhone XS.

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