Apple may recall iPad mini 6

Immediately after the iPad mini 6 hit stores, users noticed a "jelly scrolling" effect on the tablet display, which Apple claims is normal LCD behavior, not a hardware issue. Now users have discovered more serious problems.

Reddit users have confirmed that some sixth-generation iPad mini may have a hardware defect in the 8.3-inch Liquid Retina LCD. The author of the video demonstrates distortion and discoloration when touching the screen in portrait orientation. The problem is most noticeable when iPadOS is in dark mode.

I received my iPad Mini 6 with 64GB storage about a week ago and noticed that it has a screen issue. If you place it in a vertical position with the power button at the top right, it's easy enough to press the screen and you'll see distortion and discoloration about an inch down from the top right corner. On most models, this occurs in three places at the top of the display in an upright position.

Even after receiving the new iPad mini 6 from Apple, the user had a similar problem. An Apple store employee told the customer that he wouldn't be surprised if Apple announced the recall of the iPad mini 6.

It is not yet known how common the problem is. Some Reddit users have managed to reproduce the distortion on the iPad mini 6's LCD, while others say they are fine.

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