Apple Watch Series 8 comes in three sizes

Ross Young, founder of research companies Display Supply Chain Consultants and DisplaySearch, suggests that Apple may expand its line of smartwatches next year. The essence of the expansion is the release of the Watch Series 8 in three sizes. And the new version will be a version with a larger screen than it is now.  

Recall that the recently presented Watch Series 7 is available in two versions: 41 and 45 mm, while their displays have significantly grown compared to the previous generation. How large the new model will be is unclear, but with a pitch of around 4mm we can expect a 49-50mm version.  

Such a watch would suit the owners of thick wrists, on which the current Apple models are visually lost. While this is just an assumption, and most manufacturers are also limited to only two sizes, but in general, no one prevents Apple from doing just that.

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