Apple will still compete for the smart speaker market

Apple has not yet managed to achieve any significant success in the smart speaker market, but it seems that it has not abandoned the idea. The Cupertino giant reportedly has hired a new head of software development for the HomePod.  

Interestingly, a former Apple employee is a newcomer. Afrooz Family has worked for the company for over six years, including the position of Chief Audio Engineer. He was part of the original HomePod team. He then left Apple and formed Syng with the former Cupertino designer. 

And now Family is returning to Apple, likely to strengthen the company's stated direction. More precisely, to strengthen the weakest, according to many, sides of Apple speakers - Siri and HomeKit. Given the rumors of a hybrid device that will be both a smart speaker and a set-top box, perhaps Apple needs some fresh blood for this project.  

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