Apple will try to hide the "bangs" in the new MacBook Pro with desktop wallpaper?

The new MacBook Pro should be presented in a few hours. One of the most unusual rumors of recent days says that laptops will get a cutout in the screen like the iPhone, while they will not have Face ID. And new rumors say that Apple will try to hide the bangs in advertising materials by using appropriate desktop wallpapers. 

Sounds a little odd, but the fact is that Apple has already done this with the iPhone XS line. Moreover, then because of this, the company was sued, since, according to the plaintiff, advertising images mislead users. There was really no cutout visible on them. Not all advertising images were like that, but then on the official Apple website, when going through the smartphone purchase procedure, all the images that caught the eye of the user at the top of the page were precise with a hidden cutout. 

In the case of the new MacBook Pros, this may well happen again if the rumor about the bangs really does prove to be true. Recall that the Apple event starts at 20:00 Moscow time.  

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