ASML expects its revenue to grow by 11% per year until 2030

ASML Holding NV, a major supplier of advanced photolithography equipment for semiconductor manufacturing, yesterday raised its financial forecast, saying that, amid rapidly growing demand for these products, its revenues will grow by about 11% per year to 2030.

“We are very pleased with these numbers,” CEO Peter Wennink said at an investor presentation, adding that the outlook does not include possible additional demand for chips due to the US, China and Europe's aspirations for “technological sovereignty”.

ASML's revenue is projected to be between 24 and 30 billion euros by 2025, and gross profit will be 55%. Earlier it was expected that in 2025 the company will be able to gain from 15 to 24 billion euros with a gross profit of at least 50%.

According to the company's management, it is ramping up production and capitalizing on the so-called "global megatrends in the electronics industry."

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