Asus equips the turbine graphics card GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Turbo

The Asus range has been extended by the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Turbo graphics card, equipped with a cooling system with a centrifugal fan, which is usually, albeit incorrectly, called a "turbine". The advantage of the design is its small thickness - the card is guaranteed to fit in the case, in which there is no room for a card with a thickness of at least a little more than two slots. The second plus is that the card's cooling system directly removes hot air from the computer case, which can help to better cool other components.

The card has two 8-pin PCIe auxiliary power connectors. They are located not on the top, but in the back, next to the SSI mounting holes, which can be useful when installing in workstation cases. The components of the card operate at the recommended frequencies. In other words, the GPU is overclocked to 1770, and data is transferred along the GDDR6 memory lines at a speed of 19 Gb / s. The manufacturer does not quote the price of the novelty.

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