CPUs with 3D V-Cache will go into production in November

Intel Alder Lake processors will hit the market, albeit in a limited range, on November 4th. When will AMD respond to this announcement? According to the latest data, the production of new processors with the Zen 3 architecture and with an additional 3D V-Cache will begin in November. This is in good agreement with previous data pointing to the announcement at CES 2022 and the start of sales in February.  

In addition, AMD may begin shipping the current Ryzen 5000 models in December with the new B2 stepping. AMD has already clarified that it will not bring any significant changes, but the first leaks indicate better-overclocking potential and reduced heating, which is already good. 

The source also expects a price cut for the Ryzen 5000, as the upcoming Alder Lake is likely to be cheaper, and, judging by a number of tests, maybe even more productive.  

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