Darkplates for the PS5 discontinued at Sony's request

We had already reported on dbrand's darkplates here in the blog, which Olli even subjected to a test . Essentially, these are replacement wings for the side panels of the PlayStation 5. dbrand had even invited Sony to take legal action, so it was apparently sure that the sale could be carried out without any problems. But Sony has now demanded the discontinuation of the product and sent a cease and desist statement.

dbrand is currently no longer offering the PS5 Darkplates. The former order page now only leads to a link list , which forwards to articles that report on Sony's intervention. In a post on Reddit, the manufacturer also ventured his anger very openly. For example, one wonders there that Sony was not also on the mat with Netflix, since the series "Squid Game" also includes icons that are very reminiscent of the PlayStation buttons. This is exactly where Sony made a reproach for dbrand.

Otherwise it is believed that dbrand is illegally using the protected product design of the PlayStation 5. dbrand has now stopped selling the darkplates, but does not want to give up completely yet. So you point out that you will not submit the cease and desist declaration and that further steps will be examined. Let's see how the whole case develops.

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