DDR5 RAM went on sale

DDR5 RAM reached consumers for a long time, and finally, it reached: the sale of Geil Polaris RGB DDR5-4800 memory modules started in the USA. Alas, this "pleasure" is not cheap: for a set of two 16 GB slats each asking for $ 350! It turns out that some Alder Lake processors ( like the same Core i5-12400 ) will be almost half the price. However, DDR5 will now be of interest primarily to enthusiasts: Alder Lake is compatible with both DDR5 and a much more affordable DDR4.

As far as Geil Polaris is concerned, this is an overclocked memory that meets the requirements of the JEDEC DDR5-4800 (PC5 38400) standard. The line will include both one- and two-channel solutions up to 64 GB (obviously, in the top version there are two modules of 32 GB each).

Each memory module is equipped with RGB lighting and an aluminum heatsink. Due to the high profile, such memory may be incompatible with some CPU cooling systems.

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